Join us for our new Thai Massage Adventure  October 11th to 18th Join us for this week long course to transform your practice and make it sustainable for your body, using your feet, elbows, knees, and even your bum! Learn another way of flowing around the mat to give deep and effective treatments, the easy way. Plus meditation, yoga, organic food, silence,... Continue Reading →


Marrakesh Organics Summer Program! July 16th – July 25th, 2018

Join our Summer program 2018  [Registration open until July 10th]     About the Program The Marrakesh Organics Summer Program is a once a year farm immersion experience and intensive course designed to equip students with practical hands-on experience and tested knowledge pertaining to farm design & management and sustainable living. From thought-provoking lectures, hard... Continue Reading →

Paniers Bio

🌱 Nos légumes bio de saison sont enfin prêts!🌱 Livraison sur Marrakech a partir du 18 Décembre Marrakesh Organics vous offre des paniers de légumes et herbes aromatiques bio, sains et hautement riches en nutriments au prix du conventionnel. Nous produisons une variété de délicieux légumes en respect de l'environnement que vous pourrez déguster dans vos... Continue Reading →

Food preservation extravaganza

Food preservation extravaganza going on right now at Marrakesh Organics! Catch n’ store energy is one of the principals of Permaculture, and we’re doing just that by saving our surplus production to eat it through the winter months, Tomatoes, peppers and chili and garlic sauce.

Got plans for this summer? July 9 – 29, 2016

Marrakesh Organics Summer Internship 2016 (Registration now open) Join in this amazing 21 Day-Summer internship and cultural immersion program July 9th - July 29th, 2016 Become the Change The Marrakesh Organics Summer internship is a once a year holistic program designed to tackle some of the major issues of our times, Environmental health, Human health and... Continue Reading →

Paniers bio

Maraîchage Biologique - The Market Garden (Opening Soon)    Marrakesh Organics vous offre des fruits et légumes bio, sains et hautement riche en nutriments, notamment vitamines et oligo-éléments. Cette haute densité nutritionnelle est dûe au soin et a l’importance que nous donnons à notre sol et à sa microbiologie. Nos paniers bio seront disponibles des... Continue Reading →

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