YinYang Thai massage EvaSion & Chiharu – October 17th to 24th, 2019

Join us for our new Thai Massage Adventure!

ying & yang


October 17th to 24th, 2019

Welcome to this Yin Yang Thai Massage exploration with EvaSion and Chiharu Shanti, a female approach to the Art of Mindful Touch.

Get 100€ off by subscribing before August 17th!

About the course

This retreat is aiming to help bodywork practitioners to be able to have deeper interaction with body and mind in various dimensions through practicing Static & Dynamic approaches of Thai massage and other related practices.

The facilitators are 2 devoted female practitioners/ teachers who are actively sharing their experience worldwide. Their complementary practice and personality will bring your practice into the next level!

 It is not only about to give you techniques, but also to guide you to discover yourself in the balance of the nature, with the cooperation of Marrakesh organic farm, who are sprouting the seeds of sustainable living.  

 Living in harmony is the way. Finding balance is the practice. Please join us and don’t worry about being the best, just be who you are.

The Teachers

EvaSion started exploring the globe in 2000 and she hasn’t stopped since. Thai Massage came across her path in 2007 to start a life long love story. It is in this Art where her love for yoga and meditation comes together. Starting by following the Sunshine Network ThaiYoga lineage from the hands of Itzahk Helman. She is then also developed her therapist career studying with some of the great living masters in Thailand and around the world. She shares her love for yoga & well-being and treats people everywhere she travels to. Since 2013 she is sharing her passions through courses, workshops, and retreats worldwide. Recently she introduces “Effortless Thai massage” and also Thai massage & Yoga Vacation, to offer people to relax better and to discover themselves in nature.  

Chiharu Shanti, After her first discovery of Yoga in 2001, her advanced studies have expanded to Ancient Thai healing massage, Meditation, Buddhism and Ayurveda. Being strongly inspired by David Lutt, she felt a resonance in the essence of western bodywork methodology such as Osteopathy and Craniosacral Biodynamic with the integration of Eastern spirituality and medicinal systems. Today she assists & organizes David’s “Dynamic Thai massage” and “Osteothai” courses in Europe and Asia, while she gives her own training courses for professional therapists in Japan, Canada and Europe.

 They are complementary like Yin and Yang, and they have Yin and Yang in their own selves!

Eva, from colorful country of Catalunya, likes to move! She is an adventurer, a sparkling soul who likes to walk the world!

Chiharu, from the country of simplicity – Japan, listens to the Silence. She is a traditional calligrapher, a musician, who practice ancient wisdoms.

 Unlike their character, Eva found her favorite style in Static work and Chiharu found it in Dynamic work! They discovered different conformability just because they follow their own passion and have found who they are…even though they have the same birthday, July 4th!


  • Find the most comfortable position for your body.
  • Learn the art of using gravity instead of muscular force.
  • Play with the elasticity and water element of the body.
  • Listen to the invisible movement of the body.
  • Develop your conscious touch.
  • Connect better with your own feeling.
  • Find your own axis between earth and sky.
  • Detox your body and mind through the lifestyle we offer.
  • Experience the sustainable concept of Permaculture.


Learn different approaches and understand how they work.

  • Day 1: Welcome to the Principles.
  • Day 2: Hips and lower back.
  • Day 3: Touch Spine, walk on back.
  • Day 4: Shoulder, neck, chest – heart
  • Day 5: Autonomous nervous system
  • Day 6: Integration

*This course is open for everyone who has participated at least one week of training in Thai massage or other kind of bodywork and has a regular practice. Please be aware that this practice takes place on mats the floor.

Daily Schedule

6:30 Meditation

7:00 Movement

8:30 Breakfast

10:00 Class

13:00 Lunch

15:00 Class

19:00 Sunset, Dinner… and sometimes music!

 We respect noble silence from 22:00 pm to 10:00 am Learn more


Accommodation will take place in the grounds of Marrakesh Organics, a gorgeous organic farm and Permaculture centre in the foothills of the Atlas mountains, 25km south of Marrakesh on the way to Ourika Valley. The venue offers different spaces for practicing, accommodation, plus green open fields with fantastic views and wildlife.

Totally safe, with clean air, peace, and silence, exotic and folkloric rural Moroccan lifestyle, wildlife and freshly grown vegetables.

It is very easy and takes only about 40 minutes to get to and from Marrakesh and Marrakesh Airport to the farm, and we offer you a taxi service that will pick you up on arrival.

There are several ecological bio climatic constructions made with local materials that are not only beautiful in design, but also keep the perfect temperature inside. They stay cool during the day and are warm at night. You will get a good rest – guaranteed!

Bed linens and pillows will be provided with your bed, no need to bring your own. The bathrooms are European style with hot showers and all the needed commodities for your comfort.

Great local cooks will be preparing our meals, so you can expect excellent food, mainly organic from the gardens. Laundry service available.

This is also a Wifi-free retreat. We offer you a necessary and healthy holiday from the internet, to be able to focus on the practice, connect with the people around you, and most importantly, to connect with yourself and your true needs!
Give yourself the gift of being free from information overload for a week!! (unless there is an emergency…)

If you have any special needs please let us know.

Accommodation options

Bio construction adobe building with en suite bathroom and hot water shower. Max 3 people per room in individual beds

from EUR 750.00 / Per person

Shared Room-1.jpg
toilet single 2-1.jpg

Bio construction adobe building with en suite bathroom and hot water shower. For a couple on a double bed.

FROM EUR 800.00 / Per Person

Double room-1.jpg
toilet single-1.jpg

Bio construction adobe building with en suite bathroom and hot water shower. For a person on a double bed.

FROM EUR 850.00 /PER Person


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