The Team

Omar Hajji, Co-founder and Director

Omar Retrato

Omar Hajji is a Regenerative design consultant and the Manager of Marrakesh Organics. He has an academic background in philosophy, sustainability and a special interest in ecovillages. At Marrakesh Organics, Omar aspires to weave together his inspirations and travels with a deep philosophy of life that seeks to heal the earth and the people; by growing nutrient-dense foods, organizing life-changing courses and bringing people together to dream of a future of abundance! He has traveled around the world learning about ecological restoration, design systems and intentional communities and was involved in numerous community empowerment programs notably in the US, Morocco, Senegal, Thailand, Kenya, Tunisia and Ethiopia.

Kenza Isnasni, Co-founder and Communications Director

Kenza Isnasni is the co-founder of Marrakesh Organics. She holds a master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy with a concentration in Peace and Conflicts Studies. She has previously studied communication and human resources management. Kenza is also a humanitarian activist who is very sensitive to questions related to human rights, education, climate change and environmental protection, interfaith and intercultural dialogue. Kenza was involved in various humanitarian missions and projects in different countries such as Palestine, Turkey, the Philippines, Senegal, Macedonia, Belgium, Turkey, the UK, the USA etc. These particular experiences allowed her to think of an adapted way to develop projects. Kenza believes that engaging in the healing of our communities and our environment is our generation’s most important work.


Lehcen Benzakik, Assistant Manager and head of horticulture

Lehcen is a man of many talents and plays an integral role on the farm as both the head of our horticultural entreprise and the handyman troubleshooter. Lehcen has past experience managing conventional agriculture ventures and brings a ton of knowledge and wisdom to our operations.

He is also our link to the local community and a key advisor in our decision making processes.

Ismail El Hamzaoui, Lead Facilitator and Researcher


Hazim Azghari, Lead Facilitator and Researcher


Hazim is a graduate of the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford. Hazim participates in organizing course content at Marrakesh Organics and researches topics ranging from local food security to empowerment through sustainable low-tech, all through the framework of climate adaptation. Hazim has been part of Marrakesh Organics for some time, and his recent experience at the Stockholm Environment Institute has strengthened his will to turn the site into an institute that leads by example in the face of climate change. Hazim has experience volunteering in rural settings in transition to organic agriculture. Being trained in renewable energies and earth construction, Hazim has volunteered in Thailand, South Korea, Japan and traveled to 8 other countries. He envisions a sustainable, low-carbon future for developing countries, leapfrogging through an impact-heavy industrialization. Hazim’s current focus is on the adaptation of traditional techniques in building and agriculture.

Although these are the core members of our venture, Marrakesh Organics owes its existence and sustained proactive evolution to many amazing individuals which have deeply inspired and impacted us and to whom we are forever grateful. Thank you!


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