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Marrakesh Organics is an Organic Olive farm and Ecological training center in the Ourika Valley, near Marrakesh. The project tackles some of the major issues of our times, Environmental health, Human health and intercultural understanding.

We are transforming a damaged arid landscape into a lush, abundant & peaceful sanctuary for family, guests & community, a space that promotes sustainable living, produces high quality, beyond organic products and through our programs & workshops, inspiring many people to do just the same.

The Farm is also a research site where important observations and successful experiments shall be documented and open sourced for the worldwide community, as well as shared during specialized farm management courses.

The farm produces High quality, cold pressed extra virgin Olive oil and black olives as well as fresh, nutrient rich, beyond organic fruits and vegetables, animal products and aromatic plants and medicinals.

Marrakesh Organics has been a pioneer in introducing international Permaculture Design Courses (PDC), Environmental Ed Summer programs; Farm internships, Traditional earthen building, Yoga, Meditation, Thai Massage and other wellbeing and sustainability oriented workshops.

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  1. Hello,

    I own 6 hectares 24 kms outside Marrakech where I have a donkey and mule sanctuary. I have planted 1000 olive trees but want to now plant Moringa trees which are good for my rescued donkeys. Do you grow these trees and can you advise me where to buy them. Best wishes, Susan http://www.jarjeer.org

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